Lawyers, judges, and law students experience a higher rate of addiction/dependency (such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or sexual compulsivity) and mental illnesses (such as depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder) than those in other professions.  These are not moral weaknesses.  They are treatable illnesses that, untreated, may cause a deterioration of ethical values, personal relationships, professional competencies, and physical health.  Untreated, such illnesses continue to worsen, even with temporary remissions.  Untreated we harm not only our clients but also our families, our profession and ourselves.

Marital and family problems, financial difficulties, chronic stress, and work-related issues can become overwhelming.  Stress is mentioned so often that it is trivialized, yet there are resources and tools to reduce its impact for you or someone you’re concerned about.

Whether you are concerned for yourself or another, LCL is here to help.  If your work or personal life is affected, LCL is here to help.  You’re not alone.