Education and Outreach Committee

The Education and Outreach committee is responsible for developing curricula for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and general presentations to lawyers, judges and law students, developing and maintaining partnerships with legal education providers and other entities, and providing training and development for members.  In an effort to meet the evolving needs of the legal profession, LCL’s CLE curriculum can be adapted to the audience’s needs.  The committee also addresses promotion, publication and community relations.

Nominations and Governance Committee

The role of the Nominations and Governance committee is to identify and recruit board members and promote a balance in the board’s diversity.  Our belief is that the organization’s strength and vitality will be advanced by a regular infusion of new members who bring energy, diversity, new ideas and interests.  The LCL board includes mental health professionals, judges, law professors and those with expertise in other areas.  The Committee also recommends by-law changes and considers other governance issues.

Finance and Fundraising Committee

The Finance and Fundraising committee adheres to a clear and consistent statement of LCL’s mission and goals to educate potential donors about the importance of their support.  The Committee also reviews financial policies when appropriate.

New/Young Lawyers Committee

This committee reaches out and connects with law students and lawyers who are new to the profession through support and social activities.  The group also helps to staff law school tables and engage in related outreach.

Social Committee

This committee helps to plan LCL’s annual picnic, special events such as anniversary celebrations and other opportunities for members to connect.