Law Students

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers provides free and confidential peer and professional assistance to law students and their immediate family members.  Studies show that law students (and lawyers) experience chemical dependency, mental health and stress issues at a rate higher than the general population.  You will be trusted to take care of the problems of clients who are facing crises and trauma.  It is essential that you also take care of yourself.

LCL is here to help on any issue that causes stress or distress, at school or at home.  Law students may receive up to four free counseling sessions through LCL’s counseling partner, Sand Creek, and are welcome to participate in groups and receive peer support.

Need Help Now?

  • Call LCL at 800-525-6466. Help is available 24/7.
  • For 24-hour phone counseling, call the Crisis Connection at 612-379-6363.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
  • If this is an Emergency, dial 911.

LCL is on Facebook!    Go to for more information on upcoming events as well as resources.  Please note:  while LCL services are confidential, the Facebook page is public because it is intended to provide information on events and wellness throughout the legal community.  If you choose to “Like” it, your identity will not appear on the MNLCL Facebook page, but your “Like” will appear on your Facebook page.

Law Student Resources
This page contains information and links particular to law students and their Minnesota schools. You may also click through LCL’s Resource page for articles and links on other topics.

A recent Mitchell Hamline Law Review article (Vol. 41, Issue 3) discusses stigma and mental health.

Law Students’ 12 Step Meetings 

During the school year AA meetings are held at local law schools when classes are in session.   Contact LCL for information about many other meetings.

Law School AA Meetings
University of Minnesota Law School – we will post information about this meeting when it is underway.
LCL can direct you to many other meetings recommended by our volunteers.

Questions?  Contact: LCL

Law Lifeline is a mental health resource created for law students.  Topics range from stress management to suicide prevention and the site includes information on depression, anxiety, substance use and many others.  A number of first person stories are provided and a variety of articles provide solid information about conditions and resources.

Law Students in Recovery E-mail ListServ
The Student in Recovery listserv was developed by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) to provide a confidential email vehicle for law students who want to get, or stay, clean and sober while in law school. This is a chance for students to connect with and ask questions of their law student peers throughout the US and share their experience, strength and hope.

If you wish to be added to the Listserv, interested law students should contact Niki Irish, directly at   Students should be prepared to talk a bit about their history and about their need and desire to communicate with other law students facing similar challenges. Ms. Irish will make the final determination to add the student to the listserv and will provide each student with the rules and regulations regarding use of the “Student in Recovery Listserv.” When a student graduates and is admitted to the bar, he/she will be removed from the listserv.  This service is confidential.

Here’s a sample request:

Hello.  I found your e-mail address online after searching on-line for “sober law student.”  I understand you moderate a listserv for law students seeking to get or stay sober while in school and would like to join.  My sobriety date is 5/28/13, not quite 90 days before I became a 1L.  It would be good to find other students who empathize.”

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Volunteer Opportunities for Law Students
Interested law students are encouraged to get involved in the important work of LCL, including peer assistance.  Learn more about membership here.

LCL has a new/young lawyers and law students committee that plans activities with and focuses on outreach to law students and young lawyers.