Alcohol/Drug Self-Assessment Tests

You may take the assessment below for yourself or for someone you are concerned about, or you may use Boston University School of Public Health’s Free Alcohol Screening website,

Is my drinking / drug use:

  • Interfering with my work according to my clients, associates, or support personnel?
  • Filling a need to face certain situations?
  • Often done alone?
  • Causing me to have memory loss?
  • Decreasing my ambition or efficiency?
  • Necessary before meetings or court appearances to calm my nerves, gain courage, or improve performance?
  • Increasing in quantity / frequency and something I believe I need to hide?
  • Causing me to miss closings, court appearances or other appointments?
  • Making me feel guilty, depressed and anxious?
  • Interfering with my personal relationships: my family, friends and my personal well-being?
  • Leading me to questionable environments or acquaintances?
  • Causing me to neglect my office administration or misuse funds?
  • Forcing me to become increasingly reluctant to face my clients and colleagues?
  • Leading me to lie to hide the amount I am consuming?
  • Making me feel shaky, sick or fatigued the next day?

Answering “yes” to any one of these questions indicates a serious or potentially serious consequence from use of alcohol or other drugs.  Based on your answers you may need to get a professional assessment to help you understand more completely the effects of your use and the healthy ways you can learn to solve personal problems.  By calling 651-646-5590, you can access a free assessment to help you decide your next step towards greater health and happiness!

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Self-Assessment Tests brochure.

Gambling Self-Assessment Tests

A 2 minute, 20-question test is available at Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance.

The South Oaks Gambling Screen is another test to help you consider whether there is a problem.

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