The Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Board is comprised of people who reflect the diversity of the profession we serve.  They represent a broad base of skills, experience and interests.  The Board is responsible for the financial state of LCL, fundraising, strategic planning and overseeing LCL’s various programs.  Judicial members of the board take no part in any fundraising activities.

The Nominations and Governance Committee of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers is accepting applications to serve on its Board of Directors for a 3-year term beginning July 1, 2020.  Board members provide strategic direction and oversight to the management of the organization. Board service involves attendance at bi-monthly board meetings and participation in one or more board committees. Board members are encouraged to attend other organizational events.  Applicants should be interested in and committed to the mission and purpose of LCL.  Up to 3 positions are available.  Applicants who are active in a licensed profession shall be in good standing unless they have chosen to be unlicensed.

will be accepted through April 1, 2020. If you have questions or wish to have a form mailed to you, contact LCL via email: or call 651-646-5590.

2019-2020 Board Members
Hon. Donovan Frank – Chair
Warren Maas – Chair-Elect
Hon. Lawrence Johnson- Treasurer
Christine Wojdyla – Secretary
Howard Bolter – Past Chair
Jennifer Anderson
Hon. Shawn Bartsh
Thomas Beimers
Suzula Bidon
Hon. Gail Chang Bohr
Caitlinrose Fischer
Fritz Knaak
John Matheson
Joel O’Malley
Justin Page
Dan Payne
Katherine Pohlman
Jean Rivard
Jude Schmidt