Peer support is an integral part of the support provided by LCL.  Sometimes having someone to talk to who knows how you feel can make a world of difference.  Support provided by our member volunteers includes:

  • Meet one on one with a lawyer, judge or law student. Typically the volunteer will have a similar background or experience and will share their experience, strength and hope as a mentor. There may be a single meeting or many more over an extended time period.
  • Visit a lawyer, judge or law student in a treatment center or other facility. Often there is a concern about returning to work or re-engaging with others following treatment. The volunteer’s experience can help resolve some of those questions and concerns.
  • Accompany the lawyer, judge or law student to a 12 step or other peer support meeting. These meetings can be hard to walk into the first time. Often our volunteers can arrange to get together ahead of time to talk and then go to a meeting.

All LCL volunteer members are pledged to confidentiality. To contact us about finding a mentor, call us at 651-646-5590 or 1-866-525-6466 or email us.

If you would like to become an LCL volunteer, click here.