Confidential Assistance for Minnesota Judges

1-877-6JUDGES (1-877-658-3437)

Judges may call the Minnesota Judges Helpline for free and confidential assistance on any issue that is stressful.  Judges have called for help for themselves, for a family member or because they are concerned about a lawyer who has appeared before them.  Connections have been made with mentors, with treatment or other professional assistance and with counselors.  The response always depends on the facts offered and confidentiality is key.  This ranges from advice on how to approach a lawyer or another judge about whom a judge is concerned to arranging an intervention.  The response also depends on the willingness of the caller to move forward.  Sometimes a chance to talk through a situation is all that is needed.

So give us a call if:

  • You are concerned about a stressful situation experienced by another judge, including personal or professional grief and loss, even though there may be no outward signs of distress.  We can coach you on how to extend the hand of support.
  • You are concerned about behavior or conduct that is out of the ordinary or inappropriate.  If you are seeing it, so are others and they’re talking about it.  No one benefits from a news story about a judge’s behavior.  We can have a confidential conversation about possible responses.
  • You find yourself feeling unusually angry, sad, or uninterested in your work, or you are concerned about the amount you drink, gamble or any other behavior that you engage in to relieve stress.
  • You see a lawyer who is exhibiting signs of impairment in court.
  • You have a family member who needs help and you are looking for resources and options.

Help is available confidentially with access to a professional counselor 24 hours a day.

National Hotline.  A network of volunteer judges from across the country are available to serve as a resource for judges who prefer to seek help outside of their own jurisdiction:

Confidential National Helpline for Judges Helping Judges


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