The Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Board is comprised of people who reflect the diversity of the profession we serve.  They represent a broad base of skills, experience and interests.  The Board is responsible for the financial state of LCL, fundraising, strategic planning and overseeing LCL’s various programs.  Judicial members of the board take no part in any fundraising activities.

2016-2017 Board Members
Daniel Payne – Chair
Thomas Beimers – Chair-Elect
Warren Maas – Treasurer
Howard Bolter- Secretary
Andrew Mohring – Past Chair
Jennifer Anderson
Hon. Shawn Bartsh
Hon. Michael Baxter
Hon. Gail Chang Bohr
Howard Carp
Kevin Chandler
Hon. Donovan Frank
Paris Getty
Pamela Hoopes
Angela Lallemont
John Matheson
Hon. Lyonel Norris
Chuck Ramsay
Jon Tynjala
Christine Wojdyla