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LCL provides information on Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery meetings that are focused on lawyers or recommended by our volunteer members. LCL offers several support groups in our office and via Skype.

AA and 12 Step Support Groups/ Meetings

Mental Health Support Group

Family Support Group

Lawyers in Transition

ADD/ADHD Support Group


If you are concerned for yourself or another and would like to learn more, LCL can help. View our resources on addiction/dependency, mental illness and stress to understand more about the problems that can affect you in the legal profession and the tools, including self-assessments, that are available to you.  Additional resources are available for judges and law studentsYou are not alone.




LCL offers a two-session confidential Lawyers in Transition group for those who have lost their jobs abruptly.   It may be appropriate for you if: your employer is no longer operating or in business; personal issues led to your job ending; you have been laid off; you were in a difficult work environment.   A new group will be held August 6 and August 13 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the LCL office.  Contact LCL with questions or to register. There is no charge for this program.  Space is limited.


July CLE ProgramMental Health Maintenance in the Legal Workplace. Wednesday, July 30 at noon at the LCL office. 1.0 Professional Development CLE credit applied for. This program will discuss our profession and ways to engage in self-care. $10 but scholarship are cheerfully granted. This program is open to all lawyers. Please RSVP here.  Please feel free to bring your lunch.


If you are outside the Twin Cities and would like to participate via teleconference, please make your reservation by noon on Tuesday, July 29 and we’ll send you the instructions and handouts.


We will be offering at least one CLE each month open to all lawyers. This is a great way for us to test out topics and it’s a great way to get experience speaking at your first CLE if you haven’t done this before. Let us know if you have ideas or would like to be part of any of these programs.


Suicide Prevention.  Suicide is a very serious issue in our profession and has received significant media coverage of late.  Because of the attention to this problem, perhaps we are more willing to reach out and listen to colleagues who may be struggling.  LCL is here to help.  For our Minnesota Lawyer article on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention,  Read Here.


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