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LCL provides information on Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery meetings that are focused on lawyers or recommended by our volunteer members. LCL offers several support groups in our office and via Skype.

AA and 12 Step Support Groups/ Meetings

Family Support Group

Lawyers in Transition

ADD/ADHD Support Group


If you are concerned for yourself or another and would like to learn more, LCL can help. View our resources on addiction/dependency, mental illness and stress to understand more about the problems that can affect you in the legal profession and the tools, including self-assessments, that are available to you.  Additional resources are available for judges and law studentsYou are not alone.



New Attorney Impairment Study Published

The Journal of Addiction Medicine has published “The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys.”  The study was a joint project of the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.


This is the first time that a study of this type has been conducted on a national basis.  While the substance use numbers are just slightly higher than those reported in previous localized studies, the mental health statistics are considerably greater.


Among the findings:

  • – 20.6% of respondents met criteria for substance use disorder.
  • – Men reported higher rates of depression and women reported higher rates of anxiety and stress.
  • – Overall, the rate of depression was 28% and anxiety was 19%.
  • – 11.5% reported suicidal thoughts at some time during their careers.
  • – The rates of mental health and substance issues were significantly higher in respondents 30 years old and younger or who had worked in the profession for 10 or fewer years. This is contrary to earlier studies where the levels increased with longevity in the profession and age.
  • – Distress occurs in every type of job. Newer attorneys in law firms reported the highest overall rate.
  • – Barriers to treatment included “not wanting others to find out they needed help” and “concerns regarding privacy or confidentiality”.


LCL services are absolutely confidential.  Contact LCL  for more information on the study or for any other assistance.


Common Experiences

LCL’s new group, Common Experiences, offers the opportunity to learn and develop skills, strategies and well-being on topics that can stress and distress all of us, in a supportive environment.  February’s topic is Building Resilience:  Good Thinking in Bad Situations: Improving Decision Making, Performance and Well-Being under Stress. Full information here.


Sand Creek Winter 2015 Newsletter – It’s a great issue that includes articles on Tips for Saving Energy During the Winter, Check-up Checklist, Family Caring Project, Car and Emergency Checklist.


February Online Seminar – “Keeping Your Love Alive” will be available on demand starting February 16, 2016.  Learn the 10 relationship essentials, how to cope with challenges and conflict, and how to balance communication styles while keeping your relationship fresh.


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Calendar of Events

February 15, 2016
  • AA Meeting
    Starts: 12:15 pm
    Ends: 1:15 pm

    Location: LCL Office

February 16, 2016
  • Al-Anon Meeting
    Starts: 12:00 pm
    Ends: 12:30 pm

    Location: LCL Office

February 18, 2016
  • Law Students Recovery Meeting
    Starts: 12:15 pm
    Ends: 1:00 pm

    Location: University of Minnesota Law School - Room 471